Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Test Tactile Follow-Along Little Star Book is Complete!

Just a quick update today.  I finished all the molds for the pages of the show (I still have to finish up the constellations), and I've now printed a page from every mold!  Phew, did it get hot in my cubical, but it was great to see how every page came out in the Braillon.  I know I need to tweak some things, but I also need to have them vetted by their audience.  Hopefully soon I will have some pre-K through 2nd graders giving me feedback and testing them (and the plush characters)!  I thought for this blog post it would be fun to post a video of how I make each page:

I hope you enjoy it!  I also have a picture of some of the pages as well:

There is a green mat sitting on an off-white L-shaped desk.  On the green mat sits a gladware container that is empty, white measuring spoons, a can of salt, a white scrub brush with red bristles, a white strainer, a purple and black planetarium flyer and a tan metal lunch box with red boomerang shapes on it.  Also on the mat are several pages of the book that have been formed in the manila Braillon paper.  Each one features Little star meeting another character.  There is also a page sitting in the EZ-Brailler starting to curl on the edges from all the heat.  The EZ Brailler is a black box and the top half slides back when pushed by a red handle sticking off the front side of the top half.  On the front side of the bottom half is a red plaque with two silver and black heat control knobs, a black toggle switch, a silver button and green, orange and blue lights.
Several pages of the book

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